1:1 Mentoring

Connecting with other photographers, enthusiasts and creatives both online and in person is one of my favourite things to do. I reach out to others as much as I'm reached out too, I love the kindness, friendship and support that's offered up so freely in these spaces and do my best to put my share of good karma out there. It's a rising tide that lifts all boats, after all. As my life and work get busier I don't have as much time as I would like to answer messages and emails. I keep up with the shorter questions, but occasionally I receive longer and more in depth enquiries that I'm rarley able to answer as well as I'd hoped. With these mentoring packages, I wanted to offer something to give you a personalised option where I can provide support and guidance and some focused time to answer your questions.

Who is a 1:1 mentoring session for?

You love photography, you know how to use your camera but you're struggling to take your images, your photography hobby or business to the next level. Perhaps it's your technical knowledge, a new piece of kit that's baffling you, more advanced camera settings you can't get your head around or something about your images that isn't how you want them to be. 

You've been shooting for a while, you're growing a great set of images for your instagram account, blog or portfolio but you feel like you've been producing work on the same level for a while. Maybe you need some tips for new angles to shoot from, some new editing techniques or just another eye to look over your images and give you some feedback about where you could improve and how you could challenge yourself and push yourself further.

You're a seasoned amateur who knows all about photography and shooting for personal enjoyment but you'd love to start working with clients and generating an income from your passion. You need to find clients, take your first steps to shooting professionally, set up a website, build a portfolio and a business but you just don't know where to start. 

Passionate amateur, newbie pro, insta-queen in training, frustrated hobbyist...I can help you!



Camera settings, using manual functions beyond the basics
Getting to grips with a new piece of kit
Portfolio review (can be your instagram, blog, website or something else)
Lighting (natural light, how to find it and how to use it)
Editing techniques
Finding & developing your style
Photography for Instagram & blogging (either for personal or business)
Using social media, with a focus on Instagram
Making money from photography
Finding clients
Building a portfolio
Working with clients on a shoot (before, during and after)
& lots more!


One Hour Mentoring Session - £75

An open ended opportunity to ask questions, share some knowledge & get feedback on anything you would like help or guidance with. Perfect if you have something specific to work on, a set of questions or need a quick portfolio review and a strategy to get you moving forward in your photography journey. Click the button below to find out more, and to book your session.


One Month Mentoring Package - £250

Three hours of 1:1 time (spread across the month), plus a 30 minute follow up call. A more intensive opportunity to work through some growth issues with your shooting, editing or creativity in general. You'll receive weekly email support in between our sessions, so we'll be able to craft a strategy for you to get you working on some bigger goals for your photography passion or business. Click the button below to find out more, and to book this package.


Three Month Mentoring Package - £685

Three hours of 1:1 time per month (spread across the month), plus a 30 minute follow up call whenever you need it. Perfect if you're just starting out, looking to work on some larger issues, change direction, use photography to build your brand or business or make the leap from seasoned amateur to start making some money from your work. With our weekly email support, I'll be able to provide support that's 100% tailored to you, and guide you every step of the way. Click the button below to find out more, and to book this package.

Want something else?

If you aren't sure which mentoring package is right for you, or would like me to create something more suited to your own needs, send me an email (hello@siobhancalder.com) and we can chat things through a few things before you make a purchase. 

If you are in London and would like to inquire about spending some time together in-person, send me a note via email and we can chat more about that option. I would love to connect in person if it fits our schedules. I'm open to ideas of personalised photo walks, home visits or anything else you would like me to offer especially for you. Just get in touch via the email above, I'm so looking forward to hearing from you.