Lucy, Oli & Anais

I first connected with Lucy earlier this year, when she emailed me to ask if she could interview me for a podcast she was starting. A week or so later we hopped on the call, and hit it off right away. We've been IG buddies since then, of course. That's how all good modern relationships happen, am I right? Anyway, back then Lucy was still pregnant with Anais. We chatted on our call about motherhood, juggling work and parenting (babies and dogs) and Lucy mentioned she'd like to hire me once her baby was born. I was so excited, because that's the dream for me, to connect with my families on another level than just 'client and photographer'. It's a real honour for me to have been hired by so many creative women that I admire, both online and off. 

I love all the families I work with, of course I do, but I have a special place in my heart for the families who make me laugh all through our sessions together. It's just such a joyful experience! These guys were so much fun to work with, we laughed from start to finish. And can we talk about little Anais stealing the show? I mean, seven weeks old and she already knows how to work a camera. You got it girl.

And when a well dressed dog comes along on a shoot? Well, you know it's going to be a good one.