One Hour Mentoring Session


One Hour Mentoring Session


A one hour mentoring session over Skype (or in-person if our schedules fit), where we'll discuss where you're currently at with your photography and what you would like us to work on together. I can review your current images either on Instagram, your blog, website or through a private online gallery, answer your specific questions and give you advice and feedback throughout our session. It's completely tailored to you and your needs, and I'm here to support you and guide you through whatever you'd like to work through together.

After our session, you'll receive an audio recording and a personalised strategy sheet with a summary of what we've talked through and some ideas, tips and resources to help you work through the issues you've having.

You'll also be added to my Facebook group for mentoring and workshop students where you can share work and receive feedback from both myself and the group. A safe space to be creative away from the pressures of Instagram and their dang algorythm.

You can use this session as:

- a simple Q&A
- a call for advice on the creative, technical or business side of photography
- a portfolio review
- planning & strategy for improvement, building your portfolio, putting yourself out there, earning money from your photography
- anything else you have questions about or want to work on

These sessions are designed to be open ended learning, where I can share some knowledge with you and provide you with support, guidance and enthusiasm to move you along in your photography journey. I'm so excited to get started!

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Booking info:

- Once you purchase a mentoring call, you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours to book a date and time for our session.
- you can purchase multiple hours, or start with one and add more if you feel you need more support. 
- your one off session can be incorporated into a larger package if you would like to after your first call. i.e I will charge you for a one or three month packaage and refund you for the one-off session as that will count towards either package.
- no refunds.
- can be purchased as a gift