I’ve followed Siobhan’s work on Instagram for a while and slowly built a personal connection with her. So, when I had my second child she immediately became my first choice for our newborn photos. Her photography is one of honest storytelling, freezing simple moments that would be lost otherwise. I adore the way she has with light and how moody, yet loving our family pictures turned out. We flew her out from London to Germany for our session together and she was able to spend the whole weekend with us. An experience I will always cherish, not only from photographer to photographer, but also from human to human. Working with her is easy and laid-back. If you are looking for posed pictures with smiling faces that lack emotion - you need to stay away from her! Siobhan beautifully captures the real, the raw moments, thus creating an authentic glimpse into our everyday. She is a wonderful, open-minded and crazy talented lady, and I’m happy to call her a new friend.
— Eva Maria Smith
When I was pregnant with my first baby I was desperate to capture how happy and glowing I felt. I was told about Siobhan from a friend and had a sneak at some of her work...I loved how she could capture the realness of a situation and I immediately knew she’d be perfect!

The “bump” pictures were captured in my own home. I didn’t feel like I needed to pose, we chatted and she just snapped away. I am blown away by the pictures. She captures exactly how in touch I felt with my bump and also with the earth and how glorious the whole situation was for me. My husband also jumped in for some pics who normally hates the camera, but he barely noticed, and she was able to capture how he looks at me in private. I couldn’t recommend her more! The whole experience was marvellous and I am so happy with the outcome.
— Franny Joseph-Zywicki